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To promote health and wellbeing through sport

The aims of AAGGF are:

  1. To promote AGG within Australia as a sport for all

  2. To create a sport that encourages health and beauty in a safe and fun environment.

  3. To become a center of excellence for AGG in the Asia Pacific Region. 

The Federation promotes inclusion and offers a safe space for athletes of all race, gender, religion and creed. 


The AAGGF is creating a body of informed and helpful mentors for clubs, coaches and judges to support and grow the sport within Australia. 
Each year the AAGGF will host a series of competitions with judging and coaching courses.
The AAGGF will be working closely with IFAGG and will be hosting an international event in Sydney: "
Marival Cup" an International AGG Tournament (B-category competition). This is an exciting event for both Federations that will promote AGG throughout Australia and the World.

Find out more about Marival Cup



The AAGGF is committed to creating a fair and inclusive sport that will allow for athlete development through the sport and into coaching and judging.
We will be creating a community for all.

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